Bingham Hill Going Out of Business

Colorado's Bingham Hill, one of America's best cheesemakers, announced last Thursday that it was shutting its doors after roughly six years in business. According to their official press release:

In June 2005, Bingham Hill lost a customer that represented around 50 percent of annual revenues. Attempts were made to replace the customer, but while several new accounts were landed, none approached the volume of the lost customer. As a result, Bingham Hill experienced several consecutive months of negative cash flow.

Now, I've never run a cheesemaking business, but this seems like a very precarious way to run a business--relying on one customer for around half of your revenues! And I wonder who was this one customer, Wal-Mart??!

In any case, losing Bingham Hill is very sad news. I have tried their Rustic Blue Cheese, which deserves all the accolades it has received. The company is auctioning off all their assets on Ebay, and during the week of March 1st, they will even auction off the company brand, product names, packaging, recipes, and instructions.