Cheese of the Week - Gruyano?


A few entries ago, I described the three Gruyère-style homemade cheeses that have been aging in my "cheese cave." The oldest one had been aging for 5 months, the amount of time that Margaret Morris recommends in her book, and after trying a sample using this cheese trier, I determined that the cheese was ready to be eaten.

Now if you recall, the problem with this cheese was that there wasn't enough rennet, so the coagulation time was far too long. This extra time sitting around made for more lactic acid fermentation, and caused the cheese to be drier and more tart. However, the cheese still tasted very good, I believe, because it was made with raw milk and because the starter bacteria still managed to contribute a very nice flavor.

In all, I consider this a very successful failure. I know exactly why this cheese didn't come out how I'd hoped, and I also got a chance to enjoy a very interesting tasting cheese. It has the nuttiness of a Gruyère but the dryness and tanginess of, say, a Parmigiano. That's why I'm calling this first happy accident a "Gruyano."