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27th Biennial World Championship Cheese Contest

This week Madison, Wisconsin hosts the 27th Biennial World Championship Cheese Contest where cheesemakers from around the globe show their wares in pursuit of awards in 79 classes of cheeses and butters. Most interestingly, this year's finale will be broadcast live on the internet, tomorrow, March 13th, from 8:30am CST. Be sure to tune in for some exciting, cheesy action!

UPDATE: Results from Cheese Underground:

Cheesemaker Michael Spycher, of Kaserei Fritzenhaus in Wasen, Switzerland, took top honors out of 1,941 entries from 19 countries for his Le Gruyere Switzerland. First runner-up was a Gorgonzola made by CERPL Cheesemakers in Italy, while second runner-up went to an Emmentaler made by Bernhard Naf, of Guntershausen, Switzerland.

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