Cheese Varieties

See FAQ for more information about varieties of cheese.

Systematic sensory evaluation

Maryanne Drake of the North Carolina State University Department of Food Science Sensory Service Center has devised a lexicon of sensory analysis that can be used to describe the flavors present in cheese, particular Cheddar. Some of the more, shall we say, interesting terms she defines are:

Rosy/Floral: aroma associated with flowers
Bell pepper: aroma associated with freshly cut green vegetables
Waxy/Crayon: aromatics associated with medium chain fatty acids
Catty: aroma associated with tom-cat urine

Cheese Varieties and Their Differing Methods of Manufacture

A diagram taken from Harold McGee's excellent food science book On Food and Cooking, which shows basic types of cheese and how they differ by manufacture. Click on the image to see a larger version.

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