New Kosher Cheese Offerings

The Kosher Blog tells us about two new kosher-certified cheeses on the market, an exciting development in a category that has long been woefully slim. The first offering is an Organic cheddar from New Zealand-based Mainland Cheese. It's made with milk from grass-fed cows and features the OK kosher certification. The other is a group of raw milk cheeses from 5 Spoke Creamery, including Red Vine Colby, Redmond Cheddar, and Herbal Jack. The cheeses are made in Pennsylvania by Amish farmer Henry Lapp and certified kosher by Kof-K.

The writeup on The Kosher Blog makes the cheeses sound promising, describing the Mainland Cheddar as "more complex flavor than any other mild cheese I’ve tried," and the 5 Spoke cheeses as exhibiting "all with the complexity of flavor and superb texture one should expect of finer raw-milk cheeses." Leave a comment below if you've tried either of these new kosher offerings!