Blogging Cheesemakers

It's old hat to see blogs by cheese mongers, or other dairy heads, but I have yet to see many blogs from cheese makers themselves. After all, making cheese is so time-consuming, what cheese maker in his or her right mind would choose to spend the little free time they had on blogging? Well there are a couple of new blogs to report on that signal perhaps a new trend, both are from cheese makers who are in the trenches working hard to make the cheeses you and I love to eat.

The first is from LittleFfarm Dairy, a start-up artisan goat cheese maker in South West Wales, UK. Their blog is a daily journal, tracking their progress as they start the business with a herd of pedigree British Toggenburg goats. I don't know how these folks have the time to raise goats, make cheese, AND blog, but I'm glad they do, because the blog really adds a personal dimension to their operation that you don't get with too many other dairies.

The other blog, So You Want To Be A Cheesemaker, is a brand new offering from Kara Kasten, a fifth year senior (didn't know they had such things) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, earning a degree in Dairy Science and Life Science Communication. In her blog, Kara is journaling about her apprenticing experience at Wisconsin's Babcock Dairy Plant. The apprenticeship is a required step for anyone looking to be a licensed Wisconsin cheese maker (the state requires all cheese makers to be licensed). The blog only has four entries so far, so catching up is easy. It'll be fun to read Kara's entries as she learns the ins and outs of industrial cheese making.