Question About Making Parmesan

Calling all cheesemaking experts: the following message was recently posted to the forums. Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions!

Hi, my friend and I have embarked on the cheesemaking journey and have run into problems while aging a parmesan. The cheese was brined in a salt bath for 24 hours. We are storing it in a rubbermaid container at 55 degrees in a "cold room" in the basement of a house, the room has a slight damp smell to it. 93% humidity (We now recognize the humidity is too high and have since corrected this by moving it to a different room) After a few weeks of aging, it has taken on a moldy smell!! There has been occasional mold on it which we wiped off, but now the smell seems to have permeated the cheese. I have washed the cheese to try to get rid of the smell, but the cheese still has a faint stench. Can this cheese be saved? If so, how? Also, there is a crack in the cheese about 2 inches long, is this a big deal?