Storms Ravage Dairies in Northwest

Historic rainstorms sacked the Pacific Northwest last week, with devastating effects on dairies both large and small. Many were affected, but the Black Sheep Creamery in Adna, Washington, was hit particularly hard. According to the storm damage round-up over at the Pacific Northwest Cheese Project, they lost all but 23 of their sheep and their house and barn were flooded with 30 inches of water. In the coming days, the PNW Cheese Project will be posting about fundraising efforts that that are being launched to help those impacted by the storms. We will keep you posted here as well.

UPDATE: The Ethicurean has some more coverage of the storms' effects on farms in the Northwest, including a link to the Washington State Farm Bureau, which has started a flood relief fund.

UPDATE: Pacific NW Cheese Project has posted a list of fundraising options and events.

UPDATE: Beecher's Handmade Cheese in Seattle has set up a benefit account for Black Sheep Creamery. Details after the jump.

Acct Name: Gregory Family Assistance Fund
Bank: Bank of America
Acct Number: 11164308

The account number (not the account name) is the important fact to have when making donations in person at the Bank of America branch outside the State of Washington. (This is due to the various computer systems used by Bank of America is different states!)

You can also send checks directly to Beecher's...made out to Gregory Family Assistance Fund. Their address:
Beecher's Handmade Cheese
104 Pike Street, Suite 200
Seattle, WA 98101
Attn: Ellen Gerber